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Dr. Andrew deBethune

Dr. Andrew deBethune

An athlete himself, Dr. Andrew deBethune specializes in the assessment and treatment of athletic injuries and performance enhancement. After completing his undergraduate degree in sports medicine, he went on to complete his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan University. Dr. deBethune’s unique approach integrates the best of traditional chiropractic and myofascial work with functional movement, screening and correction. He focuses on addressing the complete kinetic chain from spine to extremities, optimizing its ability to perform and recover naturally.

Dr deBethune believes what makes you more athletic, makes you less prone to injury and pain. He engages his patients with care plans that are both active and goal oriented based on the individual’s needs. This can be anything from navigating stairs pain free, picking up grandchildren, to reaching personal bests on the field as well as in the gym. Dr. deBethune excels in evaluating and treating tendonopathies, myofascial pain, joint and spine pain, repetitive overuse injuries and impingement syndromes. As an overhead athlete himself, he specializes in the evaluation and treatment of shoulder pain and pathology.

Dr. deBethune grew up on a small organic farm in Central Maine. He attended MCI in Pittsfield, Maine, where he pursued his passion for baseball and met his future wife, Audra. It was then that he sustained injuries to his shoulder. Through the rehabilitation process, he found a mentor in the healing arts that would inspire him to do the same for others. He went on to play baseball at the University of Southern Maine and continues to stay active with lifting, running and intramural sports.

Dr. deBethune currently lives in South Portland with his wife Audra and their Australian Shepherd, Coral. Together, they love exploring the beaches, rivers and hikes of Maine.

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